Anchor in Orrville Adopted as Chamber Slogan

“Orrville has never experienced a greater wave of prosperity than at the present (1915)”  A front page article in the December 10, 1915 edition of The Courier-Crescent newspaper proclaims a “giant wave of prosperity” with factories running at full force, additional workers needed, and a shortage of housing  available in town.

This wave of prosperity is what prompted three young businessmen, H.C. Auble, D Edward Seas and Joseph Perilstein, to lead the effort of establishing a chamber of commerce in Orrville.  Together they recruited 97 additional business and professional men for a total of 100 who on July 20, 1915 pledged to support the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce in Orrville, OH.

The Founders realized that the success and prosperity of their own businesses largely depended on the continued growth of the community.  This understanding was demonstrated in an advertisement “The Orrville Home and Those Who Help to Make It” which ran in The Courier-Crescent newspaper several times in the summer of 1915.  All of the businesses included in the ad are founding members of the Orrville Chamber.

The original constitution and by-laws, adopted December 29, 1915 stated the mission of the organization “shall be to promote the industrial, commercial, mercantile, manufacturing and general interests of Orrville and vicinity.”

On February 8, 1916, the Chamber assembled at the town hall with 75 in attendance.  Described in The Courier-Crescent as “The most enthusiastic and public spirited meeting ever held in Orrville was that of the first real meeting of the Chamber of Commerce.”

President, D Ed Seas, co-owner of Seas & Sons Hardware, called the meeting to order and committee reports were given. 

S.P. Eshelman, reported for the good roads committee that they were working on establishing the road south of the city leading to the Lincoln Highway.  Today this new road would be State Route 57 running south to connect to State Route 30.

J.F. Dietz, chairman of the Industrial committee, reported that the committee was reviewing communications from several industries inquiring for locations.

Harry Flinn reported for the Publicity committee that they had several plans for the advertising of the organization including membership signs featuring the new slogan, Anchor in Orrville.

Anchor in Orrville was selected by unanimous vote by the Chamber from a list of submissions that were published in The Courier-Crescent.  The slogan was suggested by two individuals, M.C. Heller and J.D. Mullet.  These gentlemen shared the two dollar prize, receiving a dollar each for their suggestion.

The newspaper report of the committee concludes with this statement, “From the demonstrated spirit of the meeting, they have all anchored with one motive in view, that is for the betterment of Orrville.”

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