Interns Make Connections

Networking is founded in relationships, like getting to know people who can connect you with something you need, such as information, an introduction or a job.

Paige Clayton, marketing intern at the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce, was charged with organizing several opportunities for interns employed in the Orrville area to network and learn from each other, as well as local business leaders.

In a follow-up to the intern welcome events held in June, Clayton organized two lunch and learn events in July.  "My goal was to create a networking atmosphere among the interns themselves, as well as allow them the chance to network with professionals," stated Clayton. 

The first lunch was held on July 12th and featured Jen Kessel, Vice President of Operations from Aultman Orrville Hospital and Tom Brenner, Director Business Development, Jarrett Logistics Systems.  Kessel and Brenner shared insights on preparing for their professional job search with interns from The J.M. Smucker Company and Smith Foods. They also fielded questions from the interns and offered advice on a variety of topics.

Vince Tricomi, Vice President Business Development, PFI Displays, and Kerry Pickett, co-owner, Pickett & Pickett Tax and Investments, talked with interns on July 26 about connecting with alumni and preparing for job fairs and interviews, as well as discussing some tips for being more financially saavy. 

"I appreciated the sit-down lunch and the casual atmosphere of the event," commented Ashland University student, Ethan Jackson, an operations intern at Jarrett Logistics Systems.  "TGhis was a unique opportunity to meet successful individuals, and bounce questions off of them.  I was able to learn so much in a short amount of time."

Several interns made contact with the speakers in the days following the two evetns and have connected on LinkedIn. 

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