It's Off To Work We Go Orrville

Support of Workforce Initiatives has been identified as the top priority for the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce in 2017.  When a community can’t align the supply of skilled labor with industry demand, economic growth suffers.

Orrville “works” when business and education work together to address skills-jobs disconnect and tap the abundance of employment opportunities here in the Orrville area.

The Chamber and Heartland Education Community partnered in late 2014 to discuss the area’s shortage of skilled workers.  It’s not an issue of blue collar versus white collar or college versus vocational education.  Rather it’s about finding the right path for the individual and the right employee for the company.

The Orrville Area Workforce Taskforce, an initiative of the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Heartland Education Community, is composed of four subcommittees: Business and Education Partnership, Workforce Readiness, HR Connections and Orrville Works.

The business and education partnership focuses on providing up-close, hands-on experiences for students and educators with our local manufacturing and healthcare industries. 

There is an abundance of job openings currently posted on however, sometimes individuals encounter barriers to securing and maintaining employment.  The Workforce Readiness committee is piloting a program, Strive to Thrive, in partnership with the Orrville Salvation Army to provide individual support and guidance for unemployed and underemployed in the community. 

Soft skills training programs based on “Bring Your A Game to Work” will be offered for high school students and adults at Heartland Point in June.

The HR Connections committee focuses on helping local Human Resource directors connect with each other as well as with the training and resources they need to do their jobs.  It’s a support system for large and small employers recruiting top talent for their company.

The fourth committee coordinates marketing for  This website provides information on local businesses, employee testimonials and listings of current employment opportunities in our area. 

Since January 2017, has featured job postings from 60 different local employers.  New positions are added regularly.  Visit often.  The committee will be populating the site with interesting and relevant content and launching a campaign to drive more people from a larger geographic area to the site in the coming months.

What work will you do?  Check out today and get off to work Orrville!

Orrville Area Chamber Champions