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What is Preferred Airparts?


Located in Kidron, Ohio, Preferred Airparts is a leading supplier of aircraft parts for puddle jumpers to jets. Cessna and Piper parts are still the mainstays at Preferred but we have many new surplus parts for nearly anything that flies. Preferred Airparts also has a fabric division as which is known for providing great fitting pre-sewn fabric envelopes and Polyfiber, Ceconite, and Randolph material.




About the company leadership


There have been many transitions here at Preferred Airparts since our loss of co-owner Ken Stoltzfus Jr., who passed away on July 19, 2011 following emergency surgery for a brain tumor.

From our founding in 1982, Preferred Airparts has been a family business with a commitment to serving God through the resources He entrusted to us. Ken was an important part of helping make that happen.

In order to provide the framework for our original vision to carry into the future, Brian has brought his brother Mark, and Ken’s sons Colby and Austin, into ownership in Preferred. Mark has been managing Preferred since fall 2011, in addition to overseeing AFM Hardware, and he will continue in that lead role.

Colby is the Sales Manager and is part of our Administration team. Austin is a licensed A&P, and is managing our Preferred Fabric Division. He has his Private ticket in helicopters and both he and Colby both have their fixed wing ratings.


What Makes Preferred Airparts Different?

Every year Preferred Airparts offers it's employees an extra paid week of vacation to use for a mission trip. Many of the Preferred employees take full use of that week and go on many wonderful trips helping others all around the world! Below are a few examples of some of the trips our people have made. Bringing back stories and photos to share with others in our shop and community. The owners of Preferred Airparts know that these trips are as important for their employees as they are to those they are helping. God calls us to serve, where we live, and abroad.


Check out how Preferred Airparts employees are making a difference in the world.


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