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The details for re-opening Ohio will be announced later today. Last week, Lt Gov John Husted shared in a call with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, three things that every business owner needs to know and prepare for.

  1. Social Distancing.  The practice of staying 6 feet apart from other people will be the new normal for quite some time. This means that in order to operate your business, you will need to figure out how to adapt your business plan to accommodate the social distancing guidelines and no touch service options. What changes will you need to make to your physical space in order to comply? Plexi-glass dividers? Signage? New procedures?
  2.  Disinfect and Sanitize. Cleaning protocols will need to be in place to guarantee the health and safety of your employees and your customers/clients. This will mean different things for different work environments. Employers will also need to check temperatures for employees before they enter the workplace. You may also be required to check temperatures before customers can enter your space. Do you have the cleaning and healthcare products you need? 
  3. Face Masks. The idea of wearing a face mask will not be an option, but a requirement for employees and customers. If someone is going to leave their home, they will need to wear a face mask. Do you have a supply of face masks for your employees? Customers? Perhaps your business will require additional measures like a face shield or gloves.

Where to Find The Products You Need

Many of the items necessary to operate your business are hard to find right now. Sure you can try to order from Amazon, Wal-Mart or other online retailers, but you may find that the items you need are backordered or will take a week or more to ship.

Here are Orrville Area Chamber member businesses that have supplies of items for local delivery or pick-up.

  • REFCOTEC is now manufacturing hand sanitizer in small and large quantities. Call them 330-683-2200.
  • Nancy's Draperies, The Pink Tomato, Mirabelall have Face Masks available.
  • PFI Displays has options for customer service barriers, office dividers, etc Contact Vince Tricomi to discuss your needs,
  • There are likely other members that have items available for purchase that we simply are not aware of Please let Lori Reinbolt know what you have an how chamber members can connect with you. 

Ohio Emergency PPE Makers Exchange - a new online shopping site featuring PPE items available for purchase from Ohio based companies. Just type in the item you are looking for to see all the options available.

Another source that has been made available through the Chamber's partnership with the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce is
IMPORTANT: Please make sure to use the Coupon Codes from the list below at checkout under “Coupon/Gift Certificate”

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