Member Monday: Allium Naturopathic Health

Submitted by Orrville Chamber on Fri, 01/10/2020 - 3:59pm

Member Monday! 

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along? Feeling like you may need an extra boost to detox the bad and get you off to a truly fresh start? Allium Naturopathic Health has you covered. 

Offering three new detox programs in 2020 to help you achieve the start to feel like your best self. 

Detox Program Options: 

Sauna/Centurion Detox $115 - No supplements or guidance involved - 4 Sauna Treatments and 1 Centurion treatment to help support good detoxification ($130 value) 

Basic Detox $150 - self-guided 2-week herbal detox - castor oil pack materials, 4 saunas and 1 centurion treatment  ($200 value)

Total Body Detox $400 - lead by Dr. Liz with weekly videos and email support - 21-day meal plan to help identify any food sensitivities, supplement package to support toxin elimination and promote gut healing, castor oil pack materials, 4 saunas, and 1 centurion treatment ($500 value) 

Located downtown Orrville, Allium Naturopathic Health is a collaborative natural healthcare provider offering services in the management of pain and non-life-threatening chronic diseases through acupuncture, homeopathy, botanicals, massage therapy, and other naturopathic modalities. Allium Naturopathic help their patients take control of their health, prevent disease and transform their lives. 

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