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Did you know that Bennet's Appliance is the area's only TV service and repair center? 

Bennet's Appliance recently shared the information below on their Facebook page upon noticing an increased amount of phone calls asking about "lost TV channels on televisions." 

It has come to our attention, that some local TV stations have already changed, or will be changing, their over-the-air broadcast frequencies. This means the channel number you're used to may have switched to a different channel number. If you watch TV with an antenna, you will need to rescan your TV when this happens.

If you live in these northeast Ohio zip codes, and you receive your TV signal via an antenna, you'll likely need to rescan (ask the TV to find) your channels to get channels 19/43 back on TV…and quite possibly, other stations later this month. Word is, that our local station's channel 3 and 5 will be switching frequencies (channels) near the end of August.

So far, the digital channels impacted picked up by your antenna will be 19.1, 19.2, 43.1 and 43.2.

Canton/North Canton 44701-44710
Canal Fulton 44614
Orrville 44667
Dalton 44618
Brewster 44613
Wooster 44691
Apple Creek 44606
Marshallville 44645
Clinton 44216
Fredericksburg 44627

Cleveland 19 (channels 19 and 43) made the switch to another frequency on Thursday, Aug. 1.

If you rescan your TV now, everything should be back to normal.

If you should happen to notice channels 19 and 43 are still dark, our friend at B&B Antenna, located in Wooster, recommends that you try rescanning your channels twice per day, until your TV finds the stations again. Rescanning once in the morning, and again in the evening should eventually work.

Unfortunately, rescanning is different on just about every television…we should know! Yet, even though they differ slightly, the remote controls typically use similar buttons to perform the rescan.


The most common method is to hit the MENU button on your remote control and look for either a “set-up” or “channel" menu.
In one of those menu options, there will be an “auto-scan” button.
By clicking “auto-scan” your television will automatically search for all the signals coming in through your antenna.

Bennet's has a reputation for providing the area's BEST television repair! If you still have trouble rescanning your antenna channels, please call us to schedule a service call with our in-house TV repairman, Alan!

If local, call 330-683-8065.
Long distance, call 1-888-BENNETS

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