Member Monday: Building Trust

Submitted by Orrville Chamber on Fri, 02/28/2020 - 8:22am

In November of 2019, Bruce Hendrick released his second book "The Building Trust 60-Day Workout."

Bruce Hendrick will be available for a book signing event at the Wooster Public Library on March 10th at 7 pm.

Too many teams of highly talented people get stuck in frustration and intractable problems. Mistrust among
the members is often the root cause. When safety is lacking, people withhold their opinions, posturing
becomes routine, and mediocrity abounds. Once safety is restored, it’s like a logjam breaks; the team
rediscovers its latent energy to overcome challenges. Mr. Hendrick has helped many groups through this
transition by applying the 60 lessons in this book and wants other groups and individuals to benefit as well.

”Some of us have blind spots on the impact we have on our relationships. We sow seeds of mistrust without
even knowing it, label others as untrustworthy, and then react accordingly. Throughout these pages, we will
flip on the light switch to see what we’re doing with and to those around us,” says Hendrick. “There is nothing
quite like the joy that comes with genuine trust. To fully trust another person is the height of vulnerability and
security, while to have earned someone’s trust is a great honor and rare privilege. To be trusted is to be
accepted—and respected—as the unique person we are.”

Bruce Hendrick grew up with significant mental illness in his family. Consequently, trust evaporated. He has
spent his life learning to cope with, overcome, and eventually teach others how to achieve more trust in their
work and personal lives. By understanding what makes untrusting people tick, he relays his practical and hardwon
wisdom with clarity and humor.

Hendrick founded Building Trust, LLC in 2008 professionals in all walks of life to become more effective through improving their interpersonal communication, trust-building, and leadership skills. Hendrick also serves as the owner and CEO of RBB in Wooster, OH. 


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