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The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort (OPSR) is celebrating its 15th anniversary November 18 through the 22, 2019.

 They opened their doors in November 2004 to fill the niche where pet owners could board their dog or cat with peace of mind while they are away.  And so,  their tag line "Leave your pet at home with us " was born.  It clearly describes the exceptional level of care and security the staff will provide each guest during their stay.  It didn't take long until the pet community learned about these unique services to the area, and appreciated that they could leave their pet in a safe, comfortable atmosphere with many of the luxuries of home.  13,000 sq. ft. building with exclusive rooms and suites, live webcams, heated floors, and positive ventilation became more than the standard in pet lodging.  Besides being safe and comfortable, the facility is adjacent to the Orrville Veterinary Clinic, and pets with special needs can be carefully monitored and issues can be quickly addressed by a veterinarian, if necessary. Another new concept to the area was Doggy Daycare.  Dog owners noticed the positive changes in their once lonely and bored dogs to happy, relaxed, and well-socialized dogs at the end of the day.

     Fast forward 15 years and one addition later, OPSR has continued to provide premium care for dogs and cats and has expanded many of the original programs to address popularity and demand.   The largest improvement by far has been the expansion of the Doggy Daycare Center, with its own entrance south of the main entrance.  This program grew into a new 6000 sq. ft. the area with indoor and outdoor play areas.  Most importantly, there are now ten daycare team members who are trained in canine behavior and play styles by the Dog Guru Community.  It's their priority that each dog is safe and has a positive experience so that they can learn how to be great family dogs and good canine citizens.  K9 Fit Club is a recently added activity where people and their dogs of all sizes can work out together.  Anne Weiser, the manager, received her certification by completing specialized training so that both ends of the leash can get a solid workout.  This strengthens the body and mind as well as improves the well-being of both participants.

    Over the years,  Orrville Pet Spa and Resort has maintained the level of high-quality care and accommodations as when they first started.  "Leave your pet at home with us" continues to be their mantra as the staff has learned the requirements and special needs of their guests.  The owners and staff are grateful for the community's support and appreciate the many friendships they have formed over the past 15 years. "What was just a dream 15 years ago has developed into a mature and special place for pets.  I give my staff the credit for their commitment to excellence to gain the trust of all the pet families that join us," shared Dr. Mel Wenger, one of OPSR's owners.   They are looking forward to helping create the next generation of faithful companions by offering services to enrich the human/animal bond for a lifetime.

     To celebrate this special milestone, a week-long celebration will be held November 18th through 22nd from 9:00 am-3:00 pm.  For more details, visit or call 330-683-3335. 

     The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort is a part of Veterinary Wellness Partners, a group of locally owned veterinary clinics in Orrville, Seville, Wadsworth, Akron, Barberton, Canal Fulton, and Jackson.  For more information about Veterinary Wellness Partners please visit  

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