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The Orrville Area Safety Council held their monthly meeting on August 14 with a presentation on “How to Successfully Use Baby Boomers and Generation X to Train Millennials on “Your Company’s Way” of Getting the Job Done Right and Safe.” 

Tony DeAscentis, CEO/CoFounder of Ving, an emerging Safety Training and Employee Compliance Tracking Technology Company, and Gabe King, Ving Success Rep/Content Creator, co-presented to the council. They discussed practical tips for transferring knowledge through the generations by closing the gaps created with the different learning style of each generation. 

“Every generation has a different and unique perspective,” stated King. “Use the example of major events that happened in each generation and media reach each event had.  Younger generations have grown up knowing the details of major events much quicker than others.” 

Comparing the generations use of technology, King continued to describe how the younger generations use the technology to their advantage to self-inform. This becomes helpful when training young individuals but also can hinder personal relationships and comfortability to ask questions when help is needed. DeAscentis suggests matching employees with different generation as a mentor figure to help bridge this gap to create a safer workplace.

Next month’s meeting will be on September 11 at The University of Akron Wayne College Student Life Building from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Stephanie York, VP and In-House Counsel at Hennes Communications will present “Crisis Management, Crisis Communications and Social Media.” The fast-paced seminar will focus on a highly-strategic approach to communicate during a wide variety of situations including accusations of discrimination, accidents, deaths and other severe situations.

The Orrville Area Safety Council is a partnership between Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce. You do not need to be enrolled in Safety Council to attend meetings, if a topic is of interest to you visit to register or email 

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