Student Employee Spotlight: Daysia Hargave

Daysia Hargrave

the Power Bar at Zephyrs 


Q. What is the most surprising part of your job that you enjoy?

A. Talking to the members; there are so many different walks of life and backgrounds.  Also being able to talk to a member in the field that I want to study.



Q. What advice would you give a high school student who is thinking about getting a part time job?

A. Make sure you write down and keep track of your academic and athletic responsibilities; that will make finding the right time to work so much easier.  Also be realistic with your energy and motivation for your work schedule.  I definitely would recommend getting a part time job at a Jarrett company.  They have been very accommodating to my school and sports schedule.


Q. What is your Zephyrs super power?

A. My unmatched ability to multi task.

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