Student Employee Spotlight: Nicholas McFarren

Nicholas McFarren



Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The opportunity to interact with customers.  I really enjoy meeting people and making the customer feel special and valued.  The human interaction that my job as a bagger allows for has been so important to me this past year.  I started at this job at the height of the pandemic and I was grateful to be able to see and talk to people during the time we were all in lockdown.


Q: What is the most surprising part of your job that you enjoy?

A: I enjoy it most when we are really busy.  A lot of my job is standing and waiting for customers to show up with groceries, which can get slightly boring.  When we are busy, you are always moving, always working, always doing something nonstop.  I have discovered that I thrive in an environment like this and I actually work much better than when things are slow.


Q: What advice would you give a high-school student who is thinking about getting a part-time job?

A: I would say be open and find joy and purpose in the job you have.  Don't hesitate to apply for a job because you think you will hate it.  If you go into anything new with a positive outlook and make the choice to enjoy what you do, you can be content.  The reason I started at Buehler's was because the job I had before didn't bring people back due to COVID 19, and I was a little nervous.  But I applied and once I started, I have loved every hour I have worked.  


Q: What is your Buehler's super power?

A: My super power is how I treat the customers.  I was raised in a Disney-obsessed household, and anyone that has experienced Disney customer service knows it is the best.  I decided from the moment I started at Buehler's that my approach to interacting with customers (and co-workers) would be to emulate how Disney would do it.  So I always try my absolute best to make sure every customer that comes through my lane feels cared for, valued and appreciated as if they they were the only customer I had the entire day.  I try to make sure that everyone has a "magical" day. Often times, it will even life my spirits and turn a bad day into a great one.  Just being kind to others, even when I don't feel like it, makes me a better employee, a better co-worker, and a happier person.  It is the Disney way, so it is my way.


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