The Chamber's mission is to identify economic development opportunities, to offer services and benefits to help members achieve their goals and to provide leadership on key issues that improve quality of life.




Connecting Communities, Expanding Possibilities.

The Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce is an essential resource for the business community.  By promoting active engagement, the Chamber's network empowers every member to achieve their goals.


Vision 2025

The Chamber's Vision 2025 engages our members to lead on initiatives that sustain our workforce and community.

  • Vision for Workforce Sustainability: Connect employer needs to career ready talent and emerging technology.
  • Vision for Community Sustainability: Develop relational connectivity and commercial sustainability.
  • Vision for Member Engagement: Provide clear avenues for meaningful member engagement.
Core Values

Member Focused

  • Focuses on building valuable relationships with every member.
  • Serves as a networking connector for our members.
  • Encourages members to be engaged in ways that are meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Commitment to Business Community

  • Shares common attitudes, interests and goals, as a community of leaders and encourages an attitude of service for the betterment of the greater community. 
  • Commits to continuous improvement in response to our member’s ever changing needs.
  • Embraces innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Responsible and Accountable

  • Diversifies revenue streams and manages expenses for long-term financial sustainability.
  • Aligns resources with our organizational mission, demonstrating honesty and integrity.
  • Communicates progress towards our shared strategic vision.


Board of Directors
Les Bertschy
Les Bertschy
Banking Center Manager
Maribeth Burns
Maribeth Burns
VP Public, State & Local Affairs
Traci Carmony, 2nd Vice Chair
Traci Carmony, 2nd Vice Chair
Community Relations
Alyssa Carpenter
Alyssa Carpenter
Program Manager
Jeff Dimos
Jeff Dimos
VP Finance & Operations
Kristin Endsley
Kristin Endsley
Planning & Community Development
Adam Hanzie, owner, Wiles Hanzie Realty
Adam Hanzie
Dave Hershey
Dave Hershey, 1st Vice Chair
Business Development
Jen Kessel
Jennifer Kessel, Past Chair
Brett Lanz
Brett Lanz
Assistant Superintendent
Glenn Mott
Glenn Mott
VP Compliance
Melinda Thomas
Melinda Thomas
Director of Sales
Vince Tricomi, Board Chair
Vincent Tricomi, Board Chair
VP Business Development
Tyson Wiles
Tyson Wiles,
Director IT
Heather Zimmerly
Heather Zimmerly
Human Resources
Michelle Hedberg
Membership Services Coordinator
Lori Reinbolt
President & CEO
Stacey Ubelhart
Events and Operations Coordinator

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